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Designed to streamline the patron's experience, providing a centralized platform for accessing and managing various library services.

A collection of digital materials and content that are accessible online, providing users with a wealth of information in various formats.

Institutional repositories play a crucial role in managing, disseminating, and preserving the intellectual output of academic and research institutions.

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Crafting Your Publication Success

Emphasizing collaboration and knowledge sharing, the consultation on publication service at PeTARY aims to empower individuals and entities, fostering a culture of effective communication and impactful dissemination of information.
Bibliometric Services

Bibliometric Services in PETARY offers information and consultation on UNIMAS Publications Tracking, Academic Repositories, and Research Tools to assist in research and learning discovery for the university.

Bibliometric Portal

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We are here to assist you in finding information, conducting research, and navigating library resources. We can help you navigate and utilize databases, online catalogs, and other electronic resources available through the library.

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We offer a diverse range of services to cater to the needs of our patrons. Besides the core services like circulation, reference, and interlibrary loan, here are some additional services commonly provided by PeTARY.

Online Library Tour

An online or digital experience that guides individuals through the various resources, services, and physical spaces of PeTARY.

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ILL Service

Allows patrons to borrow materials from other libraries when the item is not available in PeTARY's collection.

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Loan Services

Explore the whereabouts of our loanable books, assess eligibility for borrowing, and gather information on fines for overdue or lost books.

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Library membership comes in various types, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of different user groups.

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Hejilda Hendrick
Senior Assistant Director

Consultancy & Information Services Unit

Write to :
Call : (+60)82 5838 83

Service Counter
(+60)82 5839 22
(+60)82 5824 75
(+60)82 5871 51

PeTARY Medical

Habibah Matadi
Senior Assistant Librarian
PeTARY Medical Branch Manager

Write to :
Call : (+60)82 2673 85
          (+60)82 2671 51

Service Counter
(+60)82 2673 85
(+60)82 2671 51


Japar Kalok
Senior Assistant Librarian
Pre-U Branch Manager

Write to :
Call : (+60)82 5823 45

Service Counter
(+60)82 5827 45