Books available for loans are shelved at Level 1 (Social sciences and humanities, Library Congress call no. range A-P) and Level 2 (Sciences and Technology, call no. range Q-Z). They are arranged on the shelves according to the library of Congress (LC) Clasiffication System

Loan Eligibility

  • One must be a registered member.
  • Borrow according to privileges.
  • Should not borrow material for another user.
  • Not allowed to borrow if user has overdue fine or book.
  • Users are responsible to ensure that all borrowed materials have been properly  recorded, this can be checked through your Library Account in the Website or through Library apps in UNIMAS Now.
  • Fine will be imposed if material is; 
        i. Overdue 
       ii. Vandalised
  • Misplaced materials (users will be given 2 weeks to search or replace with same title and edition or latest edition).

Fines for Overdue / Lost Books
• Ten (10) days before a book is due, a courtesy reminder will be emailed to the borrower.
• Overdue reminders will be sent through email after the books is one (1), two (2)  and three (3) days overdue.
• One (1) week after the overdue date of a book, a fourth reminder will be sent.

   If there is no response from the borrower two (2) weeks after the fifth     reminder, the book is considered lost. The borrower is required to replace    the book with a similar title or pay twice the original price of the book.