Title: Veerinder on Taxation (5th Edition)

Veerinder on Taxation, 5th Edition provides in-depth coverage of Malaysia’s tax laws in terms of the technical provisions, tax authorities’ practices and guidelines, as well as administrative aspects related to the tax system. This book aims to equip readers with a firm grasp of the principles of Malaysian taxation which they can apply in their work environment.

This latest edition includes all the significant developments since the publication of the previous edition, including those announced in the Finance Act 2018 and Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2018. It contains many practical examples, illustrations and case law that will be useful to both tax practitioners and students to enhance understanding and application of key tax concepts and principles.

Each chapter provides readers with an overview of the Malaysian tax legislation, followed by a discussion on the fundamentals of taxation in Malaysia.

Key features include:

  • Provides a comprehensive coverage of Malaysian taxation in terms of the technical provisions, tax authorities’ practices and guidelines, as well as administrative aspects related to the tax system.
  • Discussion of the basic principles and practice of Malaysian tax is carried out with reference to case law decisions, where relevant.



Key benefits include:

• Completely up-to-date reflecting the law in effect at 24 June 2019.

• Readers are guided with concise, practical explanation of the income tax laws, including legislative changes, gazette orders, rules and public rulings, and case judgements.

• User friendly format helps readers easily find the answers to their tax questions.

• Extensive cross-referencing, index and finding aids speed up research.

• Provides easy access to current and convenient tax rates and tables.


Title: Principles of Auditing & Other Assurance Services, 22nd Edition

The 22nd edition of Principles of Auditing & Other Assurance Services provides a carefully balanced presentation of auditing theory and practice. Written in a clear and understandable manner, it is particularly appropriate for students who have had limited or no audit experience. The approach is to integrate auditing material with that of previous accounting financial, managerial, and systems courses.


Title: Management: A Practical Introduction, 10th Edition

Management: A Practical Introduction, 10th edition, empowers students to develop their career readiness. Developed to help students read and learn management with a purpose, it takes a student centered approach. This is the first product to uniquely integrate a strategic career readiness theme throughout to address employers concerns about students graduating without being career ready. It continues to engage students through practical and relevant application of theory, current examples, imaginative writing, and resources that work.

The revision expands its strategic career readiness theme, has overhauled the TRM with new detailed lesson plans to assist with course preparation for both in-person and online classes, integrates new coverage on creating shared value and sustainable development, and increases the examples to be inclusive and representative of our diverse body of today's managers and employees.


Title: Financial Markets and Institutions, 7th Edition

This ISBN:9781260091953 is an International Student edition of Financial Markets And Institutions 7Th Edition by Anthony Saunders (Author), Marcia Millon Cornett (Author). This ISBN is student textbook only. It will not come with access code. The content of this title is the same as other formats Financial Markets and Institutions, 7e offers a unique analysis of the risks faced by investors and savers interacting through financial institutions and financial markets, as well as strategies that can be adopted for controlling and managing risks. Special emphasis is put on new areas of operations in financial markets and institutions such as asset securitization, off-balance-sheet activities, and globalization of financial services. Then, resources within Connect help students solve financial problems and apply what they've learned. Saunders' strong markets focus and superior pedagogy combine with a complete digital solution to help students achieve higher outcomes in the course.Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting, to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it, and how they need it, so that your class time is more engaging and effective.


Title: Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling (The Merrill Counseling)

An authoritative exploration of the most difficult ethical, legal, and professional challenges in counseling, presented in an easy-to-understand manner.

Written by two counseling professors – one an attorney and the other an expert in ethics – Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling walks readers through the ethical, legal, and professional challenges they will encounter in their counseling careers. It includes numerous case studies throughout to highlight ethical and legal situations faced by counselors, and it also includes the authors’ best thinking and practical advice on how to resolve these situations. The book focuses squarely on the counseling profession, as opposed to psychiatry or other helping professions.


Title: Company Law 12th ed

The Core Text series takes the reader straight to the heart of the subject, providing a reliable and invaluable guide for students of law at all levels. Written by leading academics and renowned for their clarity, these concise texts explain the intellectual challenges of each area of the law.

Company Law gives a clear and authoritative account of key principles, covering all of the essential concepts in a way that demystifies this complex area of law without oversimplification. The text also includes valuable coverage of corporate governance and theory, including the current debates surrounding these areas.

Company Law provides the perfect balance between depth, concision, and accessibility.


Title: Financial institutions, instruments and Markets

Now in its ninth edition, Financial Institutions, Instruments and Markets continues to be one of the market leaders in financial institutions management. With a well-respected author team at the helm, it is a comprehensive resource for all students wanting to learn about the modern financial system, as well as those preparing for a career in finance. This new edition encourages students to understand, anticipate, and challenge the complex and global nature of finance, while maintaining an accessible approach and style.


Title: Accounting Information Systems: Controls and Processes, 4th Edition

Accounting Information Systems provides a comprehensive knowledgebase of the systems that generate, evaluate, summarize, and report accounting information. Balancing technical concepts and student comprehension, this textbook introduces only the most-necessary technology in a clear and accessible style. The text focuses on business processes and accounting and IT controls, and includes discussion of relevant aspects of ethics and corporate governance. Relatable real-world examples and abundant end-of-chapter resources reinforce Accounting Information Systems (AIS) concepts and their use in day-to-day operation.

Now in its fourth edition, this popular textbook explains IT controls using the AICPA Trust Services Principles framework—a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand framework of IT controls—and allows for incorporating hands-on learning to complement theoretical concepts. A full set of pedagogical features enables students to easily comprehend the material, understand data flow diagrams and document flowcharts, discuss case studies and examples, and successfully answer end-of-chapter questions. The book’s focus on ease of use, and its straightforward presentation of business processes and related controls, make it an ideal primary text for business or accounting students in AIS courses.


Title: Organizational Behavior (18TH)

For undergraduate and graduate courses in organizational behavior. Help students apply OB concepts.

The world's most successful Organizational Behavior textbook provides the research you want, in the language your students understand. This text makes current, relevant research come alive for readers. The 18th Edition reflects the most recent research and business events within the field of organizational behavior, while maintaining its hallmark features -- a clear writing style, cutting-edge content, and intuitive pedagogy. There's a reason why Robbins's textbooks have educated millions of students and have been translated into 20 languages -- and it's because of a commitment to provide engaging, cutting-edge material that helps students understand and connect with organizational behavior.

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