In line with Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Rahman Ya’kub vision to be an efficient and effective one-stop information centre, we promise to:
1. Manage and provide relevant, quality and up-to-date knowledge resources in diverse subjects

Ensure feedbacks on the proposals for the acquisition of knowledge resources are given within three(3) working days.

Ensure that all subscribed electronic resources can be accessed within 24 working hours upon receipt of the notices from the suppliers/publishers.

Ensure that at least 85% of knowledge resources received through purchase or subscription can be accessed by users within twenty one (21) to thirty (30) working days upon receipt from Knowledge Resources Development Unit.

2. Provide diverse facilities and information services in line with technological advancement as well as meet the demands and needs of our customers

Ensure each process of check-in and check-out of books at the Circulation Counter can be done within one (1) minute, subjected to Information and Communication Technology System.

Ensure at least 85% of internal inter library loan requests are fulfilled for the current year.

Ensure the availability of knowledge resources on the shelves from time to time through schedule maintenance process.

Ensure all electronic resources can be accessed 24x7 subjected to Information and Communication Technology System.

3. Assist customers to search, access and find fast the right and quality information towards the enculturation of lifelong learning

Ensure feedbacks to the customer's information needs are given within two (2) working days.

4. Provide professional customer-friendly services and are open to suggestions and constructive criticisms towards our services

Ensure that at least 90% of participants for each Information Literacy session are satisfied.

Ensure at least 85% of customers are satisfied with our services and facilities.

5. Provide a conducive and safe environment for customers’ satisfaction